Tracking Down Vintage Sports Shoes

Not many people are into vintage sneakers. Majority of people nowadays prefer the latest releases and even wait in line just to get one but there are still quite a number of vintage enthusiasts who would go out of their way just to land on an authentic pair. Cities like Los Angeles has people sporting vintage Converse All Stars or more commonly known as Chuck Taylors. Vintage Vans that look worn out and torn are a hit to track bikers and hipsters as well. There are times when people purposely batter their brand new shoes just to give them a vintage look. Modern shoes like Nike Blazer SB and Nike Waffle Racer showcase a modern shoe with a touch of classic look.

Vintage and Thrift shops offer a wide array of vintage shoes. If you practice patience and perseverance, you’ll be rewarded with a great find. Pre-loved shoes are being sold at second-hand stores such as Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet and Crossroads. However, genuine vintage sneakers can also be found in reputable vintage stores like Goodwill. You can also drive around and look for other thrift shops to give you better options. Some are being sold for less than 10 dollars. With these finds, you can turn them around for a profit on eBay, or you can keep them in your collection. Some sneaker enthusiasts have collections of hundreds and even thousands of shoes, some even with all the original boxes! In Japan, vintage styles are all the rage, with old New Balances, Pumas and Adidas being very popular. With patience and a little luck, you can land a vintage shoe that is still in good condition.

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