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My favorite brushes

RÈPHR | Brush 04
This is a great brush for blush or contour. Has the perfect shape for these two products ! It is made of natural bristles so it's great for powder products. Wash it with a regular soap bar and leave it to to dry overnight on a flat surface. Never dry the brushes with the bristles up!
RÈPHR | Brush 05
This brush will make your bronzer application seamless! It could be a matte bronzer or a slightly shimmery one, you will love this brush. So soft, with natural bristles, make sure you use it for powders only. Wash it once a week using a regular bar of soap then let it dry overnight on a flat surface.
RÈPHR | Brush 03
This is the best detail brush ! Great if you want to smudge the pencil at the base of the lashes, or to apply a very thin line of eyeshadow. Any detail work you want to do on the eyes especially this is your brush !
RÈPHR | Brush 12
This pencil brush is amazing when you want to apply eyeshadow in the crease in a precise way. You can also use it to smudge the pencil at the base of your lashes. It's a great medium size pencil brush!