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My top picks for LED masks are the ones by Omnilux, Light Salon, and Current Body. The reason I have multiple top picks is because they are all functionally equivalent--meaning they all have the same key parameters for the things that make LED masks effective: evidence based wavelengths and sufficient irradiance. Since they are functionally equivalent, which one you get can really come down to small design differences that might impact fit slightly and price/availability. For more information about how to assess the efficacy of at-home LED masks, check out my blog post:

My Top Pick— OMNILUX | Men (Use code GOALS10 to save 10%- Code Isn’t Commissionable But The Link Is ❤️)
In addition to having the same red (633nm) and NIR (830nm) wavelengths as the original Omnilux (and the Current Body, Light Salon, etc.,) and the same irradiance and shape, it also includes another NIR wavelength of 1072nm to penetrate even deeper into the skin. Most of the LEDs are still the 633nm and 830nm wavelengths — but then they added a handful of the 1072nm LEDs to target the forehead, the crow’s feet, and along the laugh lines. the reason Omnilux is calling this the Omnilux Men’s mask is because “Men generally have ~25% thicker facial skin than women due to men having a higher percentage of the hormone testosterone. Since the 1072nm penetrates deeper than 633nm and 830nm it is able to target the deepest cells.” As a note, I couldn’t find a citation (that doesn’t mean one isn’t out there) for the 25% thicker estimate, but I did find a high quality study that reported that males had 10-20% thicker skin than females (Bailey et al., 2011). **NOTE: It is safe for women to use*** If you haven’t bought an LED mask yet and you were considering the Omnilux Contour, and wound healing or inflammation is a priority for you, I would go with the new mask rather than the original Contour. The Contour is amazing at wound healing–I can personally attest to that after I split my eyebrow open and it healed in record time and there are numerous studies providing evidence for 830nm and 633nm for wound healing. But the added oomph of the 1072 and its deeper penetration is promising. So because of that, I would personally go with the new mask. I have a longer blog post all about this mask on my blog
OMNILUX | Contour Face (GOALS10 SAVES 10%; $355)
If I had to pick, this (or the "Men's version") would be my top pick bc of the strap layout and how it fits my face and stays in place best. Plus their customer service and warranty process is outstanding. Because of the fit it hugs my jawline better and that is where I get a lot if hormonal acne (in my LED mask story highlights I try the masks on and you can see how this gets slightly closer to my jawline, but it is a *small* difference TBH). But since it is $50 more than Current Body, that minor fit difference may not be worth it for folks (and keep in mind that masks will all fit people differently given our unique face shapes). This (like all of flexible LED mask picks in this list) has the ideal wavelengths (red 633nm and NIR 830nm) and a good irradiance, I like the way it fits my face (a bit more snug along the jawline), the company has conducted and published in peer reviewed journals and are leaders in LED research. Use code GOALS10 to save 10% (the code is not commissionable, so if you found my research helpful I would love it if you used my link along with the code)
CURRENTBODY (GOALSLED takes 15% off making it $323- which works for regions outside the US too).
This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as Omnilux contour. The one caveat I have for this mask is that you should buy an extra strap on Amazon (for like $7) to use across the top of the head (like a headband) and that helps to improve fit.
If you buy Current Body or Priori, buy this strap improve the fit
The one difference between Current Body, Priori and Light Salon (aside from the prices) is that LIght Salon has a strap that goes on top of the head (like a headband) and I think that helps to improve the overall fit. So you can just buy an extra strap and use it on top of the head if you buy the Current Body or Priori.
THE LIGHT SALON | Boost LED Mask (25% off with code GOALSTOGETGLOWING25; making it $371) -- No Tax added!
This is the mask that I used from Nov. 2019-Dec. 2020. I was sent the mask by the brand to try (with no string attached) and I loved it. One key thing I found was that the strap on top really helps improve the fit, so I like that they include it. If you buy this through light salon's website you can save 25% using code GOALSTOGETGLOWING25. They also have very good customer service and an easy warranty process
Theraface Mask ($599) No code to share
I think this is a good mask with caveats. First, I wouldn’t primarily use the red/NIR setting rather than use the 9 min program that cycles through red, then red + nir, and then blue. (more info on some things to consider with blue light is provided in my LED blog post). The vibration/massage aspect on this is really nice and relaxing. But because it is a hard shell it is bulky to store and you can't lay it on other parts of your body. This has great irradiance, which means you can use it for shorter treatment time (3 min). But if you do 2 sessions in a row it does get warm, so if you have heat induced melasma I would be careful.
LOVE this. This is my favorite non-face LED product because it is so versatile. Use code GOALSTOGETGLOWING25 to save 25%. This has the same wavelengths and irradiance as the face mask. You get about 9 uses before needing to charge it. I wear it like a headband to help with my hairline, strap it to my elbow when it is achey, lay it on my chest or hands, lay it on itchy/dry patches on my body, lay it in healing scars, or to help speed up the healing of bruises.
This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as the mask. The benefit is you can treat both hands at once. It needs to be plugged in to use it, so keep that in mind. but you can take the top off and lay it across your legs for example.
This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as the mask. I used this glove on just my right hand for 4 mths and I was able to see the difference in made (I have seen a difference in my face after using LED masks for 1.5 years, but I could never attribute any changes JUST to the mask because I use so many different products on my face). The results on my hand included faster healing and increase resilience (less likely to get red and irritated), smoother skin (starting at month 3) and reduction of fine lines/crepey skin (starting at 4 mths). You can also use this on your body. You get 5 uses before you need to charge it.
This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as mask.
Use code GOALS10 to save 10%. This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as the mask but it makes it convenient to treat your décolleté.
This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as the mask but it makes it convenient to treat your décolleté.
This has the same specs as the DDG face mask (so good but not the BEST) but the biggest perk for me (and the reason I bought it) is because I can treat both of my hands at once AND you get a lot of more uses out of this before having to charge it.
The biggest plus of this is that it is only 3 min. I keep mine at my desk at work and I use it daily. It uses the same evidence-based wavelengths and irradiance as the Mask/Neck devices by Current Body
Dr. Dennis Gross and Current Body both make LED lip devices, but they have the same key parameters as this more affordable one by ReVive LED
The Qure mask has the same wavelengths, shape, and nearly identical irradiance as the DDG Spectralite and it has an app that goes with it. And it’s cheaper. It is $296 after you use the code VANESSA10. The best part about the DDG and Qure is that it is only 3 minutes. So while it doesn't have my ideal wavelengths, using the mask consistently is what is most important. So if you are more likely to consistently use a 3 min mask versus a 10 min one, I would get the Qure mask (and I would stick with the red setting).
If you just want to spot treat one area (like your 11’s) and you want an option that is cheaper than a face mask, this is what I would use. The company wouldn’t disclose the irradiance due to intellectual property concerns, but after some back and forth with the company regarding some publicly available FDA documents (and some reading in between the lines of conversations with the company) I am assuming the irradiance is at worst decent and more likely it is pretty good. This has red and NIR
I don’t like to use blue light all over my face because it has the potential to cause hyperpigmentation with continued use, so I prefer to spot treat particularly bad pimples with a handheld device that has the ideal, and evidence-based, wavelengths for acne. I have this one and it has the ideal wavelengths of 415nm and 630nm and while the company refused to tell me the exact irradiance they confirmed it was 50 mW/cm2 + (which is great for this)