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ESTÉE LAUDER | Knowing Eau de Parfum Spray
Great scent for fall & winter. One of Elizabeth's favorites.
Ralph Cool By Ralph Lauren For Women
A fragrance Elizabeth wore during her teenage years. One of her favorites.
Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist -  250 ml / 8.4 oz
One of Elizabeth's first fragrances worn during her teenage years.
Jess's first sophisticated fragrance - ambery and floral.
One of Jess's first fragrances
Part of Elizabeth's initial Basenote Bitch project.
Scent memories of Elizabeth's mom. One of her personal favorites.
A preppy, tea fragrance.
A fragrance that still feels modern because of a licorice note.
A perfume Liz reaches for
A beauty product Liz likes
A beauty product Liz likes, promotes a youthful look
A luxe fragrance that fits the mood of riding in the back of a black town car.
The mood of springtime in Central Park.
What you could smell at a club in Bushwick.
The scent of the coziest bed.