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Best of FM: Emily Weiss

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GLOSSIER | Sweatshirt
The first product Emily had in mind for Glossier - creating a beauty brand whose sweatshirt you want to wear.
GLOSSIER | Perfecting Skin Tint
Emily uses this all over her face every morning.
BYREDO | Burning Rose Candle
The candle they would burn at the original Glossier showroom.
GLOSSIER | Milky Jelly Cleanser
A multi-purpose cleanser (for washing your face and sensitive region "down there" and even shaving!)
TRACIE MARTYN | Amla Purifying Cleanser
An enzyme gel cleanser Emily has repurchased multiple times; very good for sensitive skin with blackheads
GLOSSIER | Priming Moisturizer Rich
Emily uses this, calms down redness, feels comforting to skin
Another daily makeup item Emily uses.
A tubing mascara Emily likes.
Really helps with antiperspiration
A perfume Emily wears
Emily only uses chemical exfoliants, this is one of them.
Emily only uses chemical exfoliants, this is one of them.
The only leave-in product Emily uses in her hair.
A perfume Emily used to wear.
Gift to all Glossier employees after their first year
In the bathrooms at Glossier's office.