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My favourite moisturisers, from lightweight to rich.

ALLIES OF SKIN Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment
This one's a lotion texture and packed with antioxidants. If you want a quick AM routine, skip the serum and use this.
MURAD Hydration Nutrient-Charged Water Gel
A gorgeous lightweight gel-cream that will never clog your pores.
AVÈNE Skin Recovery Cream
This is for very sensitive, normal to oily skin. Rosacea-friendly, and you can layer it if you need. A simple moisturiser that calms without clogging or irritating.
CHARLOTTE TILBURY Charlotte's Magic Night Cream
This is for fancy slugging. It’s Vaseline that smells like gardenias. Iconic. You’ll wake up super dewy!
BY BEAUTY BAY Thirst Class Rich Moisturiser With Oatmeal And Oat Lipid
This is really affordable and super-calming thanks to loads of oatmeal. If you’re prone to redness or irritation, you need to have this on-hand.
All you need - hydration, niacinamide, peptides. Great for normal, dehydrated, or combination skin.
So the thing about moisturisers made for mature skin is that they are heaven! This one’s for normal to dry skin, the texture is unparalleled and it smells faintly of apples. 10/10, will bring your face back to life.
A luxurious, rich moisturiser for normal to dry or combination skin. I love this for winter, the perfect base to make me look alive. It’s hard out here!
The perfect lightweight, affordable moisturiser for oily skin.
A super lightweight, oil-free gel cream that will never clog your pores.
A simple moisturiser for oily and combination skin, for when you don’t want something heavy. Won’t irritate or clog pores.
Fragrance free, deeply hydrating, lightweight gel.
This is a thick, rich, calming cream for dry or angry skin. Best used with a hydrating serum underneath in winter.