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Top Picks for Sunscreen

SKINCEUTICALS | Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50
Tinted, and super easy to use daily without any extra shine
COLORESCIENCE | Total Protection Body Shield SPF 50
My go-to when (which is hardly ever) I hit the beach
PETER THOMAS ROTH | Max Mineral Naked Broad Spectrum SPF 45
Per my patients, this one blends beautifully on darker skin tones!
A skin nerd highly recommended this one, seems safe and easy
I use this on my kids because I LIKE TO SEE A WHITE CAST ON THEM and know they're evenly covered lol (they might hate me now but they'll thank me when they're older)
I use this often times as a finalllll step - even after I've applied my makeup - because it gives off an effortless, glowy finish.
I never tried this one, but have also heard great things from all you skin nerds on #pillowtalkderm