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FENTY BEAUTY | Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder
A mattifying powder that works and looks good on all complexions.
TATCHA | The Dewy Skin Cream
Makes your skin feel luminous and amazing Makeup sits beautifully on top of it as well.
DANESSA MYRICKS | Set It Forever Mist
Mist this on a damp beauty sponge (that already has foundation) and apply onto your face to turn foundation into second skin. An amazing matte setting spray on its own.
DANESSA MYRICKS | Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder
With your normal amount of liquid foundation, take ⅓ of that amount in Balm Powder. Mix together for makeup that will look like skin but last much longer. Gives oil absorption without the texture you get from powder.
Mally Face Defender With Sponge
Blot on face to reduce shine without texture.
DANESSA MYRICKS | ColorFix 24-Hour Cream Color
One of Nicky's favorites. A highly pigmented liquid product you can use a blush on cheeks. 1 little drop goes a long way.
One of Nicky's favorite cream blushes. Highly pigmented, looks fleshy and supple on skin.
Buildable, smooth and lasts. Actually works better once it gets a little drier, turns less inky and more buildable.
Another mascara Nicky likes.
To prevent mascara from smudging, use as a final layer on top of mascara. Acts as a sealant.
Dense and firm, allows you to control product placement.
Has a "skin hugging" texture, stays very flat on skin and doesn't roll or ball up.
Sheer in a way so it looks natural.
One of Nicky's favorite indulgent snacks
Lighting a candle is part of Nicky’s nighttime routine