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Ep. 493: Pretty Privilege, 2,000-Year-Old Perfume & The Week’s Beauty News

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FEKKAI | Apple Cider Detox Shampoo
Use weekly or biweekly as a detox shampoo if you have oiliness on any part of your hair scalp.
RÈPHR | Rebalancing Essence 1.0
A gentle summer serum that's more like a liquid but super hydrating. Layers up well with other skincare products. $19 with stainless steel reusable pump, then refills re only $15!
"A tinted lip balm with great color payoff. The emollients really last in this one."- Jenn's Raise A Wand
DECORTÉ | Eye Glow Gem
"Wear on lids as a base, it becomes the texture of your eye lid. Doesn't turn powdery, looks like second skin. Over 20 shades available." - Jess's Raise A Wand