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Let's start with the basics. Here is a beginners routine to hydrate, protect, exfoliate, repair and nourish! Ideal for all skin. Book an in-person appointment with me to receive customized routine recommendations + advice.

1. Senté Daily Soothing Cleanser (5.5 Fl)senté Daily Soothing Cleanser (5.5 Fl)
Use in the evening as a daily cleanser to support barrier health.
2. EXPERIMENT | Super Saturated (JORDYN10 discount code)
Hydrating + barrier repair serum. Can be used as a carrier for other serums. Apply onto damp skin, after cleansing or after actives. Use morning and night. I recommend purchasing 1-2 refills as well!
2. DIEUX | Deliverance Serum (ROLLERSKATING10 for discount)
Antioxidant rich, calming barrier soothing serum. Apply with Super Saturated morning and night. Use as a primer as well as an SOS reaction reducer.
3. Mandelic Acid (Exfoliant, 1x week)
Ideal for all skin, especially sensitive. Hydrating aha chemical exfoliant that addresses pigmentation, fine lines, oiliness/texture, acne and more. Use 1-2x per week. Apply on dry skin after cleansing in evening. Do not exceed more than 1 layer. Product is effective but very strong! Follow with hydrating serums, moisturizer.
Bio Complete Serum (best retinol on the market imo)
Use 1-3x week, in evening after cleansing before hydrating serums. A gentle Vitamin A serum with slow-release retinoids gives an all over smoother and more even skin tone paired with a hybrid serum formulated to promote firming looking skin with improved radiance.
4. Dermal Repair Cream
Sente's Dermal Repair Cream is ideal for everyone. This barrier repairing, nourising moisturizer repairs with patented Heparan Sulfate Analog that binds with immunity cells to heals from deep in the skin. Addresses damaged barrier, inflamed/irritated skin, oily/acne prone, hyperpigmentation + more.