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Ep. 498: Passive Skincare, Perfume Stories & The Week’s Beauty News

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MAISON D'ETTO | Macanudo Eau de Parfum
A bergamot and wet earth scent a celebrity loved so much he smashed it on the floor to fill the room with the scent
TAN-LUXE | The Gradual Illuminating Tanning Lotion
"Apply it like a body lotion; massage it into your skin evenly and let it dry a few minutes before putting anything over it. Gives your body an even tint and gradual tan." - Jess's Raise A Wand
JO MALONE | Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense
Another fragrance that also uses Namibian myrrh
DR. DENNIS GROSS | Alpha Beta Glow Pad For Face - Intense Glow
"A self-developing tanner that gives you exfoliation and tanning all-in-one." - Listener Stephanie's Raise A Wand
"Mix a couple drops into your moisturizer a couple times a week for a very subtle, even tan. Delivers a subtle, very even glow. Get no streakiness from this whatsoever." - Listener Leanna's Raise A Wand
"Keep on your nightstand to used right before bed; if you use this after exfoliating at night you'll look and wake up glowy." - Listener Aubrey's Raise A Wand
"Takes out smell and works on color when your pets have accidents indoors. Just spray, paper towel blot and lift." - Jenn's Raise A Wand