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Hourglass Favorites

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Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter and Finishing Powder Palette
I love this palette because it is a great value! I love Hourglass blushes and it comes with three blushes, bronzer, highlighter and their incredible finishing powder that makes pores disappear while also giving you the "glow from within" vibe. You can pick the palette you want and then the colors you would like. I have #2 set. I would do the 1st set if you are pale though - these colors are a little warm on me.
HOURGLASS | Vanish Seamless Finish Concealer Brush
This is the best concealer brush. It is tapered and fits perfectly under your eye. But it also works well at concealing pimples because it blends without taking the concealer off. Its perfection.
Veil Hydrating Skin Tint
This is my second favorite skin tint. It would be in first place if the finish was a little more glowy. It is still very moisturizing and easy to use. I picked the shade light with cool undertones.
Phantom volumizing glossy balm
I have so many of these and do not plan on stopping. They are hydrating while providing a gloss-like shine. I love the colors slip (a rose) and mist. The value pack also has two shades that are gorgeous. I will link those next.
HOURGLASS | Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm Duo
I love this volumizing gloss. It is a little tingly and lightly tinted. IT IS GORGEOUS on. Barely any scent.
Hourglass eyeshadow sticks
I have not tried these yet, but am going to try while they are on sale!
Veil Mineral Setting Powder
This is my favorite setting powder. Especially when combined with their primer. Chefs kiss.
This is the primer for you if you have craters for pores and want them to be filled in. This helps my skin appear smooth and keeps my makeup on all night.
These are the best glosses. They are tinted and smell like root beer maybe? I love the color Prose for a subtle pink lip. Not sticky, but still has staying power for a gloss. And so moisturizing!
Hourglass brushes are not talked about enough. If you are going to do the palette and need a new brush - highly recommend this set!