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my daily makeup routine

I get asked alllll the time which makeup products I *actually* use daily! Give or take a few products, I've had same all-star lineup for over a year now ?? MY MAKEUP PREFERENCES: My overall makeup preference is medium coverage, natural finish (not super matte but not super dewy either), and LONG lasting. Makeup that can't stand the test of time is a huge pet peeve of mine. I don't have a texture preference between powder/cream/liquid, as long as the product itself works well with the rest of my routine and lasts. MY SKIN / SHADE: I usually find my shade in the "Deep" category. My foundation shade description usually sounds something like "medium-deep/deep with golden/yellow/warm undertones". Tan shades tend to be too pale, and Dark category shades tend to be too red. I have dry-combo skin, but because I have a long train/subway/walk commute to work, any makeup that's not long-lasting will slide/rub right off. FAQs: No, I do not use a primer or setting powder– just proper skin prep before makeup and a great setting spray. No, I do not use any products that oxidize or change shades throughout the day. WAIT, SO… THIS ISN'T A FULL BEAT?: I'd call my routine just an everyday ting????. But even when I do BEAT my face, the only changes to these steps would be: • a more full-coverage, natural-matte finish foundation • powder to set my undereye highlight in place • actual eyeshadow, instead of my usual nude shade • powder blush over the liquid one, to give it more pigment • lipstick, instead of just a light layer of gloss • a super dark brown/black lipliner, or one that matches my lipstick, instead of my usual dark brown

TOO FACED | Born This Way Concealer (Chai)
This has been my holy grail for years. It's full coverage, a little thick (just enough to do it's job flawlessy, without being uncomfortable or cakey), has an easy to use dough-foot applicator, and comes with SO much in the bottle for its price! To cover hyperpigmentation, I use the shade (Chai). To clean up my brows and highlight, I use the shade (Maple). For contour, I use (Cocoa).
This is the bronzer that made me realize that there *are* bronzer options out there for black girls! Bronzer, unlike contour, is meant to "warm the face back up". It diffuses some of the stark brightness/shadows that your previous steps have created. I apply this along the top of my forehead, slightly above the hollows of my cheeks, and chin. I make sure to dust it on nice and light. I don't apply it to my jawline.
I've been using this felt-tip liquid liner since I was 15 years old, and I don't think I'll ever switch! I have tried almost every new eyeliner on the market, but always end up coming right back to this one. It's LONG lasting, waterproof, matte, and pitch BLACK, just how I like it. It's seen me through many, MANY track meets, cheerleading competitions, concerts, 95° days on vacation, saunas at the spa, happy tears, sad tears, you name it. I have done everything in my life at least 3x, wearing this eyeliner. Everything. Yes that too. And that. I kid you not– it lasts????. And you need it in your makeup bag.
Blush is for everyone. I repeat: Blush is for EVERYONE! I know, I know— it can be intimidating to make your cheeks rosy on purpose, especially if you are of a deeper skin tone and don't naturally blush, OR deal with rosacea and sometimes wish you could tone *down* your natural redness. I'm here to tell you that no matter your complexion, skill level, or concern, there are, not only one– but MULTIPLE, blush options out there for you. To apply this, I smile, and swipe it onto the BACK HALF of the apples of my cheeks (When I apply directly to the entire apple of my cheek, the color not only falls too close to my nose/mouth, but also gives a bit of a childish rosiness, which I don't always want. Be mindful of your own face shape and do what works for you!)
My #1 favorite lip combo is dark brown lip liner with a gentle swipe of burgundy lip color in the middle. Most days, I go for something smooth and shiny, like this new gem from Glossier.
This is hands down, the best setting dewy-natural finish setting spray that I have ever used. I hesitated to buy it for MONTHS before biting the bullet (I mean c'mon, it's a $35 face mist. Sounds like buyer's remorse waiting to happen LOL), and even purchased and returned it again TWICE. But this time, I'm keeping it for good. Its perfect packaging dispenses the spray in a luxurious, continuous mist (so there's no huge water droplets on your face that feel like the bottle is spitting on you). The end result is flawless makeup that looks perfectly blended and glowing? Your makeup is not hitting its full potential if you don't own this, seriously.
I've tried plenty of other brow styling products, and none work like this. None.