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Thoughts on all the Glow Recipe products

This is makeup + skincare! It gives a gorgeous glowy finish and can be applied in the serum step of uour skincare routine AND/OR on top of makeup. This has a nicaniamide in it which is great for strengthening the skin barrier as well as helping with clogged pores and helping to regulate oil products.
One of my favorites- this has a nice plum scent and is a great hydrator. It has a thin texure which is great for layering. This product works well with all the otehr Glow Recipe serums and can be added to any moisturizer for an extra hydrating boost.
This has an interesting smell- not everyone loves this. This has a silky texure and layers nicely (not sticky) This is power packed with vitamin C, guava, and tranexamic and ferulic acids. Love the list here but just really want to warn you that the smell may not be enjoyable for all.
This has been one of my top favorites cleansing balms for a while. Apply to dry skin and spend time giving yourself a gentle face massage. Allow your body heat to change the texture of the balm to more of an oil feel. Add water and gently rinse. Follow with a cleanser for the full double cleanse treatment.
My #1 Glow Recipe product. This can help with dark circles as well as milia (the little white bumps) it also has caffeine to help your eyes to not appear so puffy. It is a thicker eye cream so make sure you use a scoop so you can get every last bit out of this jar.
This is a light cream. I think this could work well for oily skin types but true "dry skin" will need someting heavier. This smells like banana taffy. I really do love how this has magnesium and potassium. This definitely leaves my skin feeling soothed but I usually pair with an oil for maximum benefits on my combo/dry skin.
This smells heavenly-- I keep this in the fridge and whenever I reach in I also spritz. This is great throughout the day and also has the second step in my skincare routine in place of a toner. The mist is SUPER FINE almost as if this is a fog. I cant really think of another face mist that sprays so lightly. This is really satisfying to use.
The color will changed depending on the pH level of your lips. On me- this is a nice light pink. It also has Flower-Derived AHAs to gently smooth, soften, and hydrate lips.
This is a soothing serum for anyone with sensitive skin. This is great for barrier support and I also find this to be moisturizing. I will use this in combination with retinol to balance the retinol out and help prevent it from over-drying my skin. My only con- this is pretty small and pretty pricey. It's good stuff though!
This truly is a bouncy cleanser- it's thick and really satisfying to use. This gently exfoliates so that my skin is prepped and ready for the rest of my skincare. I truly love the texture and also how this smells.
To me- this has a smoky watermelon smell. I love how this mask performs and it's even better that this is a quick mask and you only need to use it for 3-5 minutes. It's easier to commit to regular use and see results when you don't have to plan out when you will mask. Many masks that are clay based dry my skin out but this one is an exception. I adore this mask!
I'm not personally a fan of using this as a moisturizer. It's incredibly light and would be great for someone with oily skin. I prefer something heavier. Instead I use this as a serum and will follow with moisturizer.
This is bouncy and the "heaviest" moisturizer that Glow Recipe has to offer. That being said it is still light and not exactly what I would call a cream. This has a bouncy texture and seems to turn to a light water texture upon application. It has hyaluronic acid and pairs well with Plum Plump serum or you can skip it because the plum plump properties are already included. This is my favorite GR moisturizer.