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Hair must-haves

No matter your hair type, I've got you covered with the right product for you!

EVOLVH | Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner
Great for all hair types, absorbs quickly into the hair and doesn't weigh strands down
EVOLVH | SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner
If you're looking for a lightweight leave-in that won't weigh down fine hair, this is it!
VIRTUE | 6-in-1 Styler
This do it all product is amazing to prep hair for both straight and wavy styles. Hair is left soft and strong.
VIRTUE | Refresh Dry Shampoo
This is the only dry shampoo I use and love (I'm incredibly picky). The hair is left feeling clean and volumized with zero chalky/powdery residue.
VIRTUE | Full Shampoo
This shampoo is perfect for added volume. Hair is left feeling soft and clean.
The perfect light-weight partner for the Full Shampoo.
There's a reason this brush is trusted by professionals - it gently detangles while imparting the most glorious shine to the hair. It also feels fantastic on the scalp, and with care, it should last a lifetime.
The baby version of the cult classic, this is the only brush I need when I'm on the go!
Want to speed dry your hair? Look no further, this Yves Durif brush features plenty of ventilation while gently detangling.
K18 has seen my hair through dramatic changes over the years (nearly black to blonde, and brunette to redhead). This mask restores the bonds in the hair through a patented peptide technology to permanently heal your hair - until more damage is done, that is. This is a permanent staple in my routine.
Whether you have limp waves (like me) or tight spirals, this product creates structure in textured hair, and imparts a beautiful shine. Can be diffused into the hair or left to airdry - just scrunch well once it's dry to remove the feeling of a cast around your coils and enjoy beautiful, frizz-free movement!
Looking for instant gratification for your hair? This mask helps seal in fresh color while repairing damage with Wella-plex.
For super glossy and manageable hair, Glossing Detangler is the perfect addition to your routine.
For protection against heat, light hold, and smooth hair, Perfecting Leave-In is essential.
Small on size, big on results! T3 driers leave the hair feeling soft and moisturized (unlike some dryers that can leave the hair feeling brittle and crispy)
T3 irons impart a shine on the hair unlike other tools I've used!
Soft, manageable hair. Protects against heat and UV damage. Incredible for detangling and adding shine!
Only 3 drops are needed to transform your hair. Smells like a gorgeous tropical beach!
This weightless serum is like a multivitamin for your scalp! I like to apply it to a damp scalp, and to the areas I want to improve hair growth. Since I've been using this, I find that I have to color my hair a week earlier than usual!
This oil is absolutely fantastic for making your hair feel soft and giving it a beautiful glow. A must have for long hair! The scent is like raspberry perfume