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DROPLETTE | Droplette Device
Delivers skincare 20X deeper than traditional application
DROPLETTE | 10.0% Collagen Capsule - 30 Pack
Forces collagen deep into the skin while utilizing Argireline as an alternative to botox
DROPLETTE | 8.0% Glycolic Acid Capsule - 30 Pack
A potent acid exfoliant that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!
VIOLETTE_FR | Boum-Boum Milk
A do it all product that acts as your toner, essence, and lotion. Perfect for sensitive skin or minimalist routines!
VERSED | Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum
A gentle, yet effective retinol that combines bakuchiol. Great for retinol beginners!
VERSED | Just Breathe Clarifying Serum
Breaking out? Just a few drops of this a day will get your skin back in check.
Verdant Forcefield
Cushiony, protective, and the perfect base for makeup application. A must have.
A heavenly smelling lightweight mist to refresh your skin while delivering vitamin c and humectant honey.
A potent serum that contains retinol. Wake up to brighter, plumper skin!
A staple in my cabinet! Keeps dry skin away. It's like a lotion and a balm had a baby. Unscented.
This is the ultimate luxury in sunscreen - a lightweight serum with SPF50! Perfect if you hate the feeling of sunscreen.
I buy this by the tubful! Perfect for any skin irritation, dryness, cracking, etc. Super gentle, unscented.
Want a sunscreen that has a bit of tint? This is my favorite. It makes my skin look like velvet and works beautifully by itself or underneath makeup as a primer. I always get compliments on my skin when I'm wearing this!
Face puffies, be gone! This massager is ideal to mimic an estheticians hands to get lymphatic drainage moving. Also relaxes facial muscles.
This has completely transformed my skin! I have noticed a major boost in luminosity as well as a reduction of redness and post-acne marks. It's a gamechanger!
This serum adds supple hydration to the skin and copper peptides help reduce fine lines
I absolutely adore this moisturizer for daily use - makeup glides on with ease!
These are virtually undetectable on the skin, but will squash raised pimples quickly!