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Fragrance faves

TOM FORD | Ombré Leather Eau de Parfum
Gorgeous, bold, and unisex. Perfect combination of leather and white flowers. Also works beautifully as a base when layered with other floral fragrances to add depth.
Laurel Canyon, 1966 | Thin Wild Mercury | Los Angeles
Like the most glamorous hippie you've ever smelled! It's truly a unique bird that mixes notes of citrus, Italian cannabis, jasmine, birch tar, and patchouli. Truly a sensory experience and one that I relish in every time I wear this.
13 Moons - Sugar Moon – Olivine Atelier
A delicate, sexy, 'I wish my skin always smelled this way' scent that combines Stargazer lily, sandalwood, white amber, and clean musk.
DEDCOOL | Fragrance 03 Blonde Eau de Parfum
I applied this in an airport bathroom and all of the women I passed asked who smelled so good. My mother in law said I smelled good...and even my niece. This one is special.