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Shower Shelfie 9/12/21

DAE | Daily Shampoo
This lathers nicely and the smell is so good! This has a pretty pink/pearly color. All around a great experience to use.
GILLETTE | Venus 2-In-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel
This is a nice alternative to shaving cream- a little goes a long way with the lather. I use this instead of shaving cream.
DAE | Daily Conditioner
I bought the mini of both the Shampoo and conditioner-- I'll be buying full sizes when I'm out!
DAE | Monsoon Moisture Mask
This is RICHHH! This moisturizes my hair but doesn't leave it greasy. It rinses clean.
SEEN | Skin-Caring Shampoo
This is perfect for anyone that breaks out along their hair line. This is created by a dermatoogist and is basic but effective. No fragrance and no frills! I love! My husband who has rosacea loves this line.
Cake Milk Made Body Butter | Hydrate Dry Skin | Oat Milk
No fragrance-- or at least none that I picked up. I love how milky this wash is and this can be used as shaving cream.
PEACH & LILY | Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser
this is a thicky gel cleanser- a little goes a long way. This definitely hydrates my skin and feels clean.
This is a different version than the one I have. I love the glass bottle + pump. This does exactly what I want it to. It doesn't leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and stripped.
This is great for all skin types especially sensitive skin- or skin that is healing.
This is a really nice gentle exfoliating experience. Pour a little powder to your hand. add a few drops of water til you have a past then mssage into skin! rinse :)
This smells nice but takes a little finesse to get it worked into your scalp. This is definitely soothing!
This smells like a toasted coconut cookie. This is great for all over the body-- its gentle but still exfoliates.
This is great for after the gym, or to help with a self tan mishap, strawberry skin too!