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Nighttime is the Right Time

let's put those products to work

L'OREAL PARIS | Revitalift Derm Intensives 10% Pure Glycolic Acid Serum
Dual purpose. Use on your face for a gentle, non-scrub exfoliator. And use on your lips to remove any dead skin to reveal baby-soft lips - (DO NOT USE ON YOUR LIPS IF YOU HAVE SORES, DEEP CRACKS THAT ARE OPEN OR BLEEDING.)
WELEDA | Skin Food Original Ultra Rich Cream
Once the glycolic acid starts drying on your lips, lather on Skin Food and let it sit while you continue with your nighttime skincare routine.
When I saw Dr. Colbert in NY several years ago, he recommended these pads to aid in an even skin tone. They have been a part of my daily routine every since.
I spray rosewater on my face right after washing and before applying any products to trap moisture in.
My go-to moisturizer morning and night. I do forego moisturizer every other night because I did read that your skin is working its hardest while you sleep, shedding dead cells. If you apply moisturizer, it defeats the purpose of cell turnover. The jury is still out.