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Skincare Favorites APRIL 2022

Things that I couldn’t get enough of this month

I love these drops- I've bounced around and tried quite a few but these are the ones that I keep reaching for. I add about 4 drops to a quarter size blob of my night moisturizer. Do a little finger mix and than apply all over my face, neck, ears and chest. These give me a healthy sun-less glow and also help to reduce the appearance of redness in my face or dark spots. I love the IOP body butter for a gradual body tan. I like to do all my self tanning at night.
I'm almost out- my combo dehydrated skin has been loving this moisturizer. My skin concerns include dry patches and a tight feeling (thank you retinol) but also clogged pores and the appearance of large pores especially on my nose. When I look in the mirror I don't have a Regina George moment after using this for a few days. Initially I assumed this wouldn't work well for oily skin but I'm seeing and hearing that you get to just use less product. (I have a code too which I personally use to repurchase and refill but I get to share it with you too- ALEXA10)
Ok first off- the texture of this feels like a thin jello. I love the packaging and the pump. There is no fragrance or smell really. It just screams clean, fresh and essential. This lathers up slightly and rinses clean. I've been using this morning and night for a few weeks now and I have lots of other cleanser options-- but I keep reaching for this one. I also don't usually love a cleanser. Cleansers are just kind of basic, meh and necessary. But I love this one! This is also hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin.
This has been a dream in stick form. I've talked about this quite a bit so see the last post. There is no one size fits all for SPF but the majority of people I have talked to can also agree that this is a winner for SPF especially reapplication over makeup. I love a setting spray and truly think they are essential. Applying this through the day has worked really well and doesn't leave me greasy or as if I just wiped my makeup off with a stick.