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Jordan Samuel Skin Favorites

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JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | The Matinee Gel Cleanser
This is my all-time Favorite morning cleanser and my MOST repurchased item from Jordan. I have bought countless tubes and I don't seem myself ever stopping. It is my husband's favorite too! Great pH (5.26), silky gel texture that has Cushiony slip to it. Has just a tiny bit of salicylic acid to help keep skin congestion at bay but is gentle enough for me to use it every single day. TIP: Jordan sells travel sizes of all of his cleansers. It is a great way to try things AND it is a great way to have travel sizes for trips.
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | Mandelic Exfoliating Mask
This is a mandelic exfoliating clay mask but it doesn't dry down or get flakey (which I love about it) and it never feel stripping afterward…probably because the ingredient list is front-loaded with humectants before the clay, has lactic acid (which is hydrating) and a soothing blend. And the coco-glucoside is a nice addition. I like to use it when I have some breakouts but I don't want to use a mask that is too aggressive or stripping. I've been using it about once a week and I wear it for 20-30 min
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | The Matinee Cream Cleanser
Jordan sent this to me before the launch and I loved it. I finished the first tube and am on my second. Quick tip; it is also great as a mask for some hydration! It smells faintly of clay and I love how I can keep massaging it on my skin and it doesn’t disappear like some other cream cleansers. Great pH (5.5) and convenient packaging. Two thumbs up!
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | Moisture Recovery Cream
This is a great cream for cold winter nights. I apply this on top of my retinoid and I can still feel the moisture on my skin the next morning. AND an added bonus is that I have found that it helps to reduce some redness in my cheeks. I used this on only half of my face, and the next morning the side that I had this on was more hydrated and less splotchy and red.
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | After Show Treatment Cleanser
This is the OG cleanser that Jordan developed to help remove stage makeup (he was a professional ballerina)— apply to dry skin and massage before adding water & washing off. It has oils to break down makeup, light emulsifiers to lift up the grime and fruit acids to exfoliate the dead skin cells (which can also hold on to makeup). It also leaves moisture behind on the skin and smells like what I imagine an Italian vacation would smell like. I love it as a mask (I’ll mix in some of his hydrate serum and a drop or two of a face oil and leave on while I take a bath)
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | The Performance Cream
My favorite every day moisturizer— helps control shine and I love how it’s like a peptide serum in cream form. This is a great option if you are trying to get that special someone in your life to step up their skincare routine without adding additional steps. Lasts a long time too!
Such a beautiful, hydrating mist. I spray this in between serum layers or before an oil. If I want a real treat I’ll even mist my body. TIP: order the travel size and bring it with you on flights
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | Hydrate Facial Serum
My first purchase from JSS And I still love it. Helps to plump up dehydration lines and layers beautifully
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | The Performance Eye Gel
This is fabulous to apply before you use an eye mask to really soak in the hydrating ingredients. I find this to stay a bit too tacky for me to use in the AM but it’s very plumping and it’s HUGE so it will last a long time.
DIEUX | Limited Edition Tattoo Forever Eye Mask
Not a JSS product, but I LOVE to use the JSS eye gel under these masks !
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | The After Show Body Cleanser
I apply a small amount of this oil-gel on dry parts of my skin before getting in the shower. Then once the water hits it, it turns milky and washes away. For a real treat I use it all over my entire body while in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling completely moisturized and soft
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | Retinol Treatment Oil
Perfect if you want a gentle retinol over streamlined routines. Gentle enough for my neck and chest which is awesome !!
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | Olio per il Corpo Body OIl
Super nourishing. I love the smell. Absorbs nicely but still leaves a glow to skin.
JORDAN SAMUEL SKIN | Corps de Glow Hoodie
I have been living in this hoodie. Go to my JSS story highlights to see me wearing it. It is stretching and so comfy. A medium weight that is perfect for spring. I sized up to get it a nice oversized — also I LOVE that the arms are long on me (I am 5’10 and sleeves are always too short on me). Love it !
I love the little details these cloths have. I like the little loop to hang dry, the different texture on each side, and the nice piping around the cloth. These make great gifts!