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Baby, you're a Star!

What I'm loving right now, and I'll tell you why.

Muse (eyeshadow Palette) | Lisa Eldridge
A NEW stunning eye shadow palette for ALL skin tones!! Lisa made these palettes easily interchangeable so you can buy and swap out any one of her single shades and pop in the compact. Brilliant!
Micro Palm Eyeshadow Palette - Neons – Bakeup Beauty
Makeup Artists rejoice!!! Finally, high-quality opaque pigments in those hard-to-find colors!!!
PILLOWTALKDERM | Major Fade Solution System
I saw Dr. Idriss when I was back in NY and she was one of the best derms I have ever consulted with! With a no-BS approach to treatments that are friendly on your wallet. Her products are very affordable and deliver on their promise.
CHANEL | Les 4 Ombres Tweed Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow Palette - Limited Edition
Stunning to look at and even more stunning to get that bronzed golden goddess eye.
BYREDO | Liquid Lipstick Vinyl
Probably the best gloss on the market! The clear is spellbinding on the eyes and lips.
No. 1 (seamless Blend Brush) | Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge didn't f*ck around when crafting her brushes. She has always been my go-to for brush recommendations and has sought out the finest Japanese brush makers she could find to create her line.
Off-White Beauty Color Matter Nail Polish | Violet Grey
My NEW favorite nail polish color!!! OMG look at this color!!! You will see a story soon with my short nails painted this color! Love!
I prefer fragrance oils over spray perfumes any day. This is one of my favorite fragrances that costs a small fortune in the perfume version. The body oil is just as magical at a fraction of the cost.
Never fails. Whenever I burn this candle before someone comes over, they always say how good it smells in my home.
How cute is this!? It puts a smile on my face every time.
Hands down my NEW favorite face cleanser. I have others that I love that you will see, but at this very moment, this is my #1 for that perfectly clean and fresh feel.
My new favorite sneakers... in the most fabulous colorway.
So I bought this blanket for myself. Everyone in the family has their own. But everyone grabs this one when I'm not around. Sooo comfy and soft.
Get whatever color you'd like but do get a silk pillowcase. For healthy hair and creaseless skin.
I've gone back to my roots, and I've started drawing again. My favorite gel pens.
So if you haven't shaved your face, try it.... there is no going back. Your hair will not grow back thicker, and your skin will receive your products more effectively.
After the most horrendous haircut of my life, I started taking Nutrafol and this. I add it to my morning shake -- so good for your hair, skin, and nails.
I never heard of Jellycat before I ran into this guy at the Christmas store... OMG, the most beautiful stuffed animals that are so soft and snuggly.
Very much into this magazine at the moment. I lovvvvvee a good magazine.
I had the brush cleaning glove and decided to switch to this... amazing! There is a section for every brush.
Someone buy me these shoes!! I will probably only wear them once or twice, but I will truly love them. Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers.
The Mother of all denim, in my opinion, and who doesn't love a groovy flare?
How beautiful is this sweater? I love the color melt. I believe it is sold out at the moment but is slated to come back in stock.
Never thought in a million years leg warmers would come back. Well, they are back and very cool.
These are so fun. Everyone needs a fun pair of sunnies.
Never ever thought I'd love SKIMS.... but my husband bought these for me for Christmas, and I'm in love. They are super fitted, do not ride up, the waist is very comfy, 100% cotton - I am sold on these for life!