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LED Device Holiday Deals

Omnilux Men’s mask (my Top Pick) 10% off with code GOALS23
In addition to having the same red (633nm) and NIR (830nm) wavelengths as the original Omnilux (and the Current Body, Light Salon, etc.,) and the same irradiance and shape, it also includes another NIR wavelength of 1072nm to penetrate even deeper into the skin. Most of the LEDs are still the 633nm and 830nm wavelengths — but then they added a handful of the 1072nm LEDs to target the forehead, the crow’s feet, and along the laugh lines. the reason Omnilux is calling this the Omnilux Men’s mask is because “Men generally have ~25% thicker facial skin than women due to men having a higher percentage of the hormone testosterone. Since the 1072nm penetrates deeper than 633nm and 830nm it is able to target the deepest cells.” As a note, I couldn’t find a citation (that doesn’t mean one isn’t out there) for the 25% thicker estimate, but I did find a high quality study that reported that males had 10-20% thicker skin than females (Bailey et al., 2011). **NOTE: It is safe for women to use*** If you haven’t bought an LED mask yet and you were considering the Omnilux Contour, and wound healing or inflammation is a priority for you, I would go with the new mask rather than the original Contour. The Contour is amazing at wound healing–I can personally attest to that after I split my eyebrow open and it healed in record time and there are numerous studies providing evidence for 830nm and 633nm for wound healing. But the added oomph of the 1072 and its deeper penetration is promising. So because of that, I would personally go with the new mask. I have a longer blog post all about this mask on my blog
CURRENTBODY | Skin LED Light Therapy Mask (25% off making it $285; CODE: GOALSLED)
This has the same ideal wavelengths and irradiance as Omnilux Contour (But slightly different from Omnilux Men's) The one caveat I have for this mask is that you should buy an extra strap on Amazon (for like $7) to use across the top of the head (like a headband) and that helps to improve fit.
THE LIGHT SALON | Boost LED Mask (28% off Making it $356; CODE: GTGG28BF)
This is the mask that I used from Nov. 2019-Dec. 2020. I was sent the mask by the brand to try (with no string attached) and I loved it. One key thing I found was that the strap on top really helps improve the fit, so I like that they include it. Like Omnilux, they also have very good customer service and an easy warranty process.
CURRENTBODY | Face & Neck Kit Combo (40% Off! Making It $431 with code GOALSLED)
This is by far the best deal if you want to buy both devices at once.
THE LIGHT SALON | Boost LED Body Patch (28% off Making it $342; CODE: GTGG28BF)
This is my favorite non-face LED device. It is SO versatile. This has the same wavelengths and irradiance as the face mask. You get about 9 uses before needing to charge it. I wear it like a headband to help with my hairline, strap it to my elbow when it is achey, lay it on my chest or hands, lay it on itchy/dry patches on my body, lay it in healing scars, or to help speed up the healing of bruises.
Dr. Dennis Gross and Current Body both make LED lip devices, but they have the same key parameters as this more affordable one by ReVive LED
If you want a handheld device to spot treat blemishes, this is the one I use and it has 415nm (blue) and 630nm (red).