We are a team of engineers, designers and product enthusiasts driven by a goal to bring authenticity back into the world of product promotion.

Our platform offers a wide set of features for both creators and brands, reducing the friction required to find and work with the brands the creators genuinely love, not just those who will send them a paycheck.

The product started out of a research project at MIT and has evolved to the comprehensive platform it is today through hard work by the highly motivated team below. Our team is based in Boston, and we work with experts and creatives all over the world.

Chris Tinsley, Chief Executive Officer
Chris Tinsley
Chief Executive Officer
Harry Rein, Chief Technology Officer
Harry Rein
Chief Technology Officer
Tiffany Lopinsky, Chief Operating Officer
Tiffany Lopinsky
Chief Operating Officer
Emily Ryan, Talent Engagement & Editorial Lead
Talent Team
Emily Ryan
Talent Engagement & Editorial Lead
Rachel LePore, Head of Brand Partnerships
Brand Team
Rachel LePore
Head of Brand Partnerships
Kellee Cribby, Head of Brand Data & Operations
Brand Team
Kellee Cribby
Head of Brand Data & Operations
Olivia White, Executive Administrative Assistant
Olivia White
Executive Administrative Assistant
Allie Doggett, Brand Success Manager
Brand Team
Allie Doggett
Brand Success Manager
Caley-Rae Pavillard, Head of Talent Partnerships
Talent Team
Caley-Rae Pavillard
Head of Talent Partnerships
Courtney Woronka, Brand Success Associate
Brand Team
Courtney Woronka
Brand Success Associate
Declan Gundrum, Senior Fullstack Developer
Product Team
Declan Gundrum
Senior Fullstack Developer
Taylor Caponigro, Talent Growth
Talent Team
Taylor Caponigro
Talent Growth
Wasif Bokhari, Principal Machine Learning Engineer
Product Team
Wasif Bokhari
Principal Machine Learning Engineer