Automated Gifting: Lookbooks

ShopMy's groundbreaking automated gifting feature offers an opportunity to streamline operations, cut expenses, and boost creator engagement, simplifying the process like never before.

When speaking to brands, time and time again we heard the same dilemma, they want to get product into creators’ hands, but don’t have the bandwidth to manually ship items. Today, we’re thrilled to solve this problem with the introduction of ShopMy’s latest innovation, automated gifting via “Lookbooks.” This groundbreaking feature is set to revolutionize influencer gifting, significantly improving the process for both brands and creators.

The Lookbooks Walkthrough

Here's exactly how Lookbooks work to automate the gifting process:

1. Brands Curate a Digital Catalog

Brands can easily select products from their inventory to include in a lookbook.

2. Bulk Outreach

Brands can then share their curated Lookbooks with up to 1000 creators simultaneously, avoiding the manual hassle of one-by-one outreach.

3. Creators Choose the Products They Want

Upon receiving a lookbook, creators can sift through the options and choose what they wish to receive. Everything is in sync with the brand’s catalog, meaning all sizes, styles and stock information are always up to date.

4. Automated Ordering

After selection, ShopMy places a $0 order into the brand's POS system, eliminating any manual steps.

The overall result? Both parties save time and effort. Brands avoid manual outreach and complicated logistics. Creators get to focus on content creation rather than navigating a cumbersome gifting process.

Key Benefits and Features of Lookbooks

1. Save Time and Effort

Eliminate the time-consuming steps related to product preferences, sizes, and variations. Lookbooks automate the creation of orders, seamlessly processing them through the standard customer pipeline.

2. Increase Creator Engagement

With a streamlined in-app checkout for talent and the automatic creation of affiliate links, creators are empowered to engage more effectively with their audience.

3. Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to unnecessary waste by sending only the items influencers genuinely desire, reducing costs for brands.

4. Easily Measure Success

With our affiliate sales tracking and social listening tools, you can easily measure the impact of your gifting campaign

How it's Going

Early feedback on the Lookbooks feature has been outstanding. In fact, 50% of accepted Lookbook requests occur in the first 45 minutes, and 25% in the first 10 minutes. This demonstrates its immediate appeal and effectiveness for not only our brands, but also our creators. Lookbooks gives the transparency creators are looking for, and put the power in their hands to promote the products they wish to try.

Why This Matters

Gifting, or Product Seeding is a critical aspect to any successful creator marketing strategy, and now it is easier than ever. The weeks of back and forth to get products in the hands of top influencers has been reduced to minutes using this new feature, saving you time and helping you scale your programs, and as a result, your reach.

ShopMy’s Road Ahead

ShopMy is committed to reinventing the brand and creator relationships. We aim to provide brands with an all-inclusive platform to discover, engage, collaborate, and track talent progress, all in one place. Our Lookbooks feature is just one more step toward making this process as effortless as possible for our brand partners and the creators they collaborate with.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from ShopMy, as we continue to pave the way for brands to achieve their influencer marketing goals with ease.

How to Get Started

If you're excited about the possibilities that Lookbooks can offer, you can learn more by watching our video tutorial below. For further assistance and to embark on your gifting journey, reach out to us at

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