The Future of Social Listening

ShopMy's Social Mentions Feed is the first social listening tool that showcases audio, visual, and affiliate mentions - all in one data-rich gallery.

Across the industry, we've observed a common challenge among brands - the struggle to efficiently discover and leverage organic content for growth. At ShopMy, we are dedicated to reducing this friction and ushering in a new era where social listening becomes valuable and actionable. Our latest feature, the Social Mentions Feed, empowers you to capitalize on every organic mention and turn it into a moment of opportunity.

What is ShopMy's Social Mentions Feed

The Social Mentions Feed serves as your gateway to the most crucial content and conversations related to your brand. It is the first social listening tool that encompasses audio, visual, and affiliate mentions, capturing those critical, but easy-to-miss brand moments. The Social Mentions Feed is currently available to Partner+ brands on ShopMy. Login and see your mentions now, or book a demo to learn more.

What is collected in the Social Mentions Feed

Each piece of content within the feed includes comprehensive public (social engagements) and non-public data (estimated media value, views on stories, clicks). Our proprietary feed delivers clarity on what and who brings the most brand value. With this feature, you will be able to:

- Browse organic content from TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram - including Stories, after they have disappeared.

- Sort content by platform, type, engagement, talent, projected media value, and ROI.

- Set custom tracking tags with @mentions, hashtags, phrases, and more.

- Discover untapped, high-potential creators and track the performance of your current creator initiatives.

- Directly connect and build meaningful relationships with authentic promoters through chat.

How we gather mentions

Your feed is built from ShopMy creators' direct and indirect mentions of your brand. Our systems are checking your brand mentions every few hours to give you the most up-to-date information. These mentions come in various formats, including:

- Direct tags of your brand or tags referencing your brand, such as #tatcha or #tatchaskincare or #tatchapartner. Brands are able to set Custom Tracking Tags for specific campaigns.

- Direct mentions of your brand in descriptions or titles of content, like "My Favorite Tatcha Product"

- Media connected to ShopMy collections featuring your products.

- Media using affiliate URLs ( links), even without explicit mention of your brand.

Brands are encouraged to onboard their own ambassadors onto the ShopMy network via their custom-branded invitation page. See how this luxury fashion brand on our platform onboarded their influencers and saw 12X order volume in 5 months.

The importance of monitoring social mentions

Conversations happening on social media about your brand are crucial to monitor. Every mention could potentially be a powerful trending moment or collaboration opportunity. With the Socal Mentions feed growing brands will always have a pulse on their brand presence.

5 Ways Brands Utilize the Social Mentions Feed

1. Discover the best organic content about your brand

The Social Mentions Feed is a data-driven gallery of organic social content relevant to your brand. Our industry-first social listening feed showcases audio, visual, and affiliate mentions, including Instagram Stories that can be viewed even after they've disappeared. No other platform allows brands to sort by views or other engagement metrics.

2. Find new high-potential promoters

In the creator economy, brands that manage their relationships effectively will win. When a ShopMy creator mentions your brand, you have all the tools you need to make the next move. Within the feed, you can open their creator card, start a chat, offer a custom rate, offer a discount code, or send a gifting request - all in one place.

3. Foster authentic brand-creator relationships

Brands often ask us, "How can we build more authentic relationships?" Our answer: Partner with people who genuinely love your product and are already talking about you organically. Instead of providing rigid branded content briefs to unproven creators, find the best organic content from your existing promoters and establish partnerships or collaborations in ShopMy that feel authentic.

4. Track performance and evaluate a creator's impact

Providing brands and creators with robust data and analytics is core to our ethos. The Social Mentions Feed empowers you with all the data you need to assess the performance of current initiatives and make decisions about future collaborations. You will gain visibility into
a creator's affiliate performance (clicks and sales), as well as social performance.

Our hope is that this tool gives brands insight into influencers' power, beyond just their follower count, and see the ROI of organic content. Advanced metrics in the feed, like estimated media value (which is based roughly on how much it would cost to generate the same amount of impressions, likes, and comments on the piece of content with paid advertising) are so powerful. Advanced sorting by estimated media value quickly shows you which creators' content presents the most valuable opportunity.

5. Optimize your gifting efforts

Brands need an easy way to measure how their gifted products are being promoted and their performance in generating traffic and sales. Many brands waste money paying firms to send out expensive gifts without any means of measuring the return on investment. With gifting in ShopMy, creators can link to the gifted products or share discount codes with their followers. Brands can then assess true conversions and social views, resulting from the gifts.

Fuel your flywheel with social advocacy

Advocates play a crucial role in accelerating your business' flywheel. They act as the fuel that propels your brand forward at a faster pace. By combining unbiased social performance data with affiliate channel performance in the Social Mentions Feed, you establish a robust foundation for assessing brand ambassador relationships. The Social Mentions Feed enables brands to quickly discover, engage, and leverage their most promising advocates for growth.

Tiffany Lopinsky
Tiffany Lopinsky
Co-Founder & COO, ShopMy
"Our new Social Mentions Feed brings ShopMy one step closer to being your full-service platform for all influencer initiatives, including affiliates, gifting, paid partnerships, and now social listening. We're thrilled to provide this industry-leading tool to growing brands. "

If you're interested in learning more, please book a demo to experience the power of the Social Mentions Feed firsthand.